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WordPress Site Management Service


Our WordPress website management service entails:

  1. Optimization of copies and content on the pages.
  2. Creation of new product pages.
  3. Image uploads to online store.
  4. Optimization of new product pages for SEO
  5. Fixing of database errors.
  6. Integration with CRM.
  7. Monitoring of downtime and domain hosting renewals.
  8. Advise on marketing automation such lead management, nurturing via email, and so much more

WordPress site management can heavily impact your ability to convert customers on your WordPress website. Without maintenance, your site will begin to operate less effectively.  You lose content or even entire pages, and be host to many errors and problems.

When hiring SEO or digital marketing services, website maintenance and management is something that individuals often forget to consider. Website maintenance may not seem like it has much to do with search engine optimization, but it is, in fact, a vital component. Your website’s operations are behind web design, content, keywords, and rankings. This includes things like load times, security, and updates. You must maintain your virtual space and keep it clean, just like your physical space.

Our WordPress site management service can provide a completely hands-off experience for site owners. You know exactly what we mean here if you have tried to “DIY” your site before. You will spend countless hours engaged in trial and error to find everything you need to maintain, update or tweak in a typical business site.

This also includes installing and configuring themes and plugins and populating the site’s posts and pages with content. However, site maintenance entails performing various complex back-end tasks that require technical expertise. With our WordPress site management package, we take care of all the tasks necessary to keep the website running smoothly, giving you so many advantages in the process.

Moreover, our team of SEO experts are also on hand to perform a technical audit and any SEO adjustment, because discoverability on google is the first step to getting business. 

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Oti is a vastly experienced digital media and marketing professional with over 10 years of industry experience. He has worked across Agency, Brand, Publisher and Marketing Technology sides of the industry in various capacities.

Driven by a strong commitment to continuous innovation, Oti has managed so many successful digital projects across Africa and Europe for brands like Coca-Cola, Nestle, Guinness, Kellogg’s, EA Games, Sony Entertainment, etc., and advises senior management of global brands on data-driven marketing and digital transformation.

Consumer insights in marketing: Oti

Oti currently heads Product at Terragon Group, Africa’s leading data aggregation, enrichment, and activation company, where he is responsible for developing innovative data-driven marketing solutions for SMBs and Enterprises across Africa.

Oti is the current President of Association of Digital Marketing Professionals (ADMARP), the foremost professional body for digital marketing practitioners in Nigeria. He is also a communications consultant to the African Union in areas of youth engagement and digital interactions. A known public speaker, teacher and trainer, Oti has facilitated several conferences and digital events, and was recognized by Marketing Edge Magazine as an Outstanding Digital Marketing Personality of the year 2021.