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Embrace the social media wave and ride it to success to maximize your brand's reach and impact. Build a vibrant online community, and spark conversations that drive meaningful engagement with our unique social media strategies.

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If you want to create consistent, quality content that connects with people on social media, you need the right plan.


Our services are designed to help you tell more impactful stories while maximizing your resources. Using a data-driven approach, we assess your goals, audience, messaging and channels, then customize a measurable social strategy to help you create content that really connects with your target audience.

Our Social Services

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Competitive Analysis

Uncover your digital advantage and outshine the competition with our strategic insights.

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Video Marketing

Elevate your marketing outreach. Captivate, educate, and inspire your viewers through compelling visual content.

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Inbound Marketing

Attract, engage, and delight your audience with our strategic digital approach, creating a seamless path to success.

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Analytics and Reporting

Build a smarter marketing strategy based on our data-driven insights to guide your decision-making.

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Mobile Marketing

Boost revenue and brand recognition by adopting a mobile-first approach to marketing.

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Podcast Creation

Craft immersive audio narratives that amplify your brand's voice and leave a lasting impact.

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Social Media Marketing

Boost your brand presence with dynamic digital strategies that spark engagement and inspire action.

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Content Marketing

Engage your audience at every touchpoint with a fresh, smarter content strategy that’s on brand, on budget, and on time.

Tips from our Experts

Digital marketing tips, tricks, and best practices to help your business grow.

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Oti is a vastly experienced digital media and marketing professional with over 10 years of industry experience. He has worked across Agency, Brand, Publisher and Marketing Technology sides of the industry in various capacities.

Driven by a strong commitment to continuous innovation, Oti has managed so many successful digital projects across Africa and Europe for brands like Coca-Cola, Nestle, Guinness, Kellogg’s, EA Games, Sony Entertainment, etc., and advises senior management of global brands on data-driven marketing and digital transformation.

Consumer insights in marketing: Oti

Oti currently heads Product at Terragon Group, Africa’s leading data aggregation, enrichment, and activation company, where he is responsible for developing innovative data-driven marketing solutions for SMBs and Enterprises across Africa.

Oti is the current President of Association of Digital Marketing Professionals (ADMARP), the foremost professional body for digital marketing practitioners in Nigeria. He is also a communications consultant to the African Union in areas of youth engagement and digital interactions. A known public speaker, teacher and trainer, Oti has facilitated several conferences and digital events, and was recognized by Marketing Edge Magazine as an Outstanding Digital Marketing Personality of the year 2021.