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7 Essential Components of a Website

Idris Yusuf

WSI, Frontend Developer
Essential Components a Business Website Must Have

Idris Yusuf

WSI, Frontend Developer

Successful businesses have a few elements in common, regardless of their field. Currently in the 21st century, one of those things is a superb website. While web design trends come and go, regardless if, you’re a startup or an established firm, below are seven 7 essential components a website must have:


A Clear Purpose

You already know what your website is for, but does a person who isn’t acquainted with your business? When someone visits your site, two things should quickly be clear: what you do and what you want the visitor to do.
In the instance of this business, their goal (Premium Abaya and Arabian Clothing Sales) and what the visitor should do (Shop Women and Shop Men) are the first things you notice when you get on their homepage:

Habeebat Ecommerce Website

Strong, Professional Branding

Numerous small businesses misunderstand the value of branding. From your domain name to the color you pick, everything that defines your organization should be harmonious.

Your logo should be professional, the colors, typefaces, and artwork on your site should be a representation of your brand.


Simple Navigation

There are a number of options when it comes to website menus: drop-down, scroll-triggered, hamburger and the list goes on. No matter the style of menu you use, it’s crucial to make it as simple as possible for visitors to discover what they need on your website. Your navigation should be intuitive and easy in both the design and the way the pages are structured.

Take the navigation for WSI Axon:


The most important pages have their own items in the navigation bar and the drop-downs include the most essential supporting material.


Strong Call to Action

This goes back to our previous point about making your visitor’s next move obvious. A call to action should tell your reader what to do and, if feasible, what they’ll gain out of executing that action.

For example, Netflix includes a call to action like, “Join Free for a Month” for a first-time user.

Strategically putting CTAs in your content is another method that you may enhance conversions. This little button is eye-catching without being too intrusive:


A Great Mobile Experience

Mobile traffic accounts for about half of all online traffic therefore a solid mobile experience is essential. If your site doesn’t load fast and gives a pleasant user experience, you’ll lose visitors. (And those visitors aren’t likely to come back.)

Ensure that your web development company produces responsive websites. Responsive web design means your site will appear and operate effectively on any device: computer, tablet, or phone.


Compelling Content

A website without content is like a home without furnishings. Only as no one wants to visit an empty home, no one wants to spend time on a website with just a handful of pages. In addition, content is the method your website will obtain visitors, whether that’s via search engines or social networking sites.

It’s crucial that your content is relevant to your consumer, engaging, and optimized for search engines. Think about what your ideal consumer would like to know about your product/services and build pages and blog articles around these subjects. As you may have imagined, generating strong SEO content isn’t simple. That’s why so many individuals use digital marketing firms to build their content!


Google Analytics

While you may theoretically have a business website without Google Analytics, its not encouraged. Google Analytics provides you with an astonishing quantity of information about your website traffic and visitors. From traffic source to the OS system commonly used by your visitors and so much more, you’ll learn about your users and better target your marketing efforts to them. You can also set up objectives like a visitor making a phone call or filling out a contact form and monitoring if you meet those goals every month (or week).

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