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How to Create Content Around your Customers’ Core Problems

Create Content for Customer Problems

You are probably aware that your target audience is fed up with your ads and sales content, which is why you are here.

Research shows consistent, high-quality, and engaging content impacts audience decision-making more than any other technique. Hence, your customers want digestible information that is useful, helpful, and actionable. 

Great content is an important asset. It can create positive experiences for your customers and potential ones and even compel them to return for more. It’s your ticket to capturing your audience’s attention and reinforcing a positive brand impression.

Quick question. Why did you think your product/service would be viable for a business? 

We bet you identified your ideal customer’s pain point and validated that your product/service could solve this problem. That’s how most successful businesses start. They see a customer’s pain point, find a solution and then offer it to their customers.

Users will find your content helpful if it targets and addresses their pain points or core problems.

What is a Core Problem?

A core problem is a persistent challenge that your audience faces. 

You can identify these problems from different angles, but the most important way is by understanding your user journey, as these problems are usually encountered in the user journey process.

Other ways to identify customers’ core problems are as follows:

  1. Communicate with your customers: One of the easiest ways to uncover your customer’s pain points is by asking an existing customer. You can do this through one-to-one interviews, feedback systems, surveys, or asking them questions about their biggest challenges. 
  2. Use existing pain points to attract new and prospective customers: To discover what a prospective customer’s pain points might be, use your understanding of the common problems that your existing customers already have and frame the discussion in a way that allows for the prospective customers to either agree or disagree that they have these problems. This way, you allow them to open up about their problems.
  3. Check out your competition: What are your competitors’ biggest concerns? What pain points are they addressing? What are they talking about on their blogs? Why not sign up for their newsletter and see what pain points they deem worthy for their customers’ inboxes? 

Using this method, you can create an extensive list of customer pain points that you can use to create content for your customers.

As you are identifying and outlining this problem for your strategic purposes, make sure that it is specific enough to be easily understood but broad enough that you’ll be able to come up with various content variations for that problem. 

Each core problem you develop content around should have clear connections with the problem your service solves so you can be sure you’re attracting the right kind of attention to your business.

How to Build Content Around Your Customers’ Core Problems

  1. Conduct Keyword Research for each Problem
  2. Write Informative and Attention-Grabbing Headlines
  3. Create a Lead Magnet
  4. Promote your Content with Paid Ads
  5. Outsource Content Creation

Create Content for Customer Problems

Step 1: Conduct Keyword Research for each Problem

Once you have a list of pain points you want to target, you can use this to create a list of relevant keywords to target for each core problem.

You can create a long-term SEO strategy instead of just creating content around single keywords. Then, each time you create content, you can slowly sprinkle a few of these keywords to climb the search rankings for these and related ones.

The keywords from your research should also help you frame the messaging on your landing pages, email series, and the lead magnets you develop for that core problem.

Step 2: Write Informative and Attention-Grabbing Headlines

The headline is the first thing your reader sees. Think of the headline as a first impression. Imagine a blind date with a very attractive person. You don’t want to be caught unfresh because your first impression can potentially secure a second date or end it all before it begins.

It’s the same thing with your headline. If your headline is weak, unattractive, overly wordy, and boring, chances are high that your reader never makes it to the first paragraph.

Consequently, writing good headlines is worth the effort and time. Catchy headlines are great for grabbing attention, but providing relevant information is more important when dealing with customer pain points.

Step 3: Create a Lead Magnet

A lead magnet is crucial for building an email list, nurturing your audience, and developing customers from prospects. Once you have identified your customers’ core problems, create an attractive lead magnet for each problem. 

The lead magnet should relate to the core problem and give actionable advice on solving a specific and common aspect of the problem. 

Step 4: Like Fuel to Fire, Promote your Content with Paid Ads

After setting up your content strategy, you need to drive traffic to it to reach your target audience.

There are different kinds of traffic to target at this stage:

  • Cold traffic refers to people who are unaware of your business and have never interacted with you. This traffic needs to “get to know you” before they consider sharing their email address or making a purchase. 
  • Warm traffic is people who are aware of your brand, have seen and engaged with some of your content, and a small amount of trust has been established. This kind of traffic is not yet your customer but would be open to sharing their email or making a small purchase. 
  • Hot traffic refers to existing customers, i.e., those who have already purchased from you because they trust you and are likely to make another purchase if your brand is well-positioned. 

Step 5: Outsource Content Creation

Outsourcing content creation means contracting or hiring an outside company to handle the project, such as working on the editorial calendar and working to create content for customer problems. 

Where you do not have the requisite skillset to create compelling content for your brand, the best bet is to outsource your content creation to experts while you focus on other areas of your business.

At WSI Axon, we have a team of experts skilled at creating unique and well-researched multichannel content across a wide variety of topic areas. Our content channels include blog copy, podcasts, social media copy, email copy, whitepapers, ebooks, and many more.

Speak to us today to help you create content for customer problems that your leads, customers, and potential customers will find helpful.

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