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How to make Email Marketing work: A comprehensive user guide

Tochukwu Nathaniel

How to make Email Marketing work

Tochukwu Nathaniel

Many companies and businesses have not fully understood how to make email marketing work in their business. New technology and more online activities have made digital marketing necessary for growth, expansion, and increased business opportunities. Of all the digital marketing channels, email marketing remains the most effective.

Email has an ability many channels don’t: creating valuable, personal touches – at scale – David Newman

What is Email Marketing?

In its simplest form, email marketing is using emails, also known as electronic mail, to promote products and services. Email marketing can help you increase brand awareness, product sales, and business profits when used effectively.

Understanding in detail how to make email marketing work can be the difference between a good business year and a great business year – Anonymous

How does Email Marketing work?

A newbie who is not well-grounded has little or no idea how to make email marketing work.  Starting email marketing can be a challenge. Amateurs may find it difficult to navigate and get lost in the maze of technicalities. Consequently, many people don’t know how to make email marketing work, least of all, how to turn it into a gold mine. The question is best answered by understanding the types of emails available to your business.

Types of Emails

  • Welcome Emails
  • Sponsorship Emails
  • Dedicated Emails
  • Lead Nurturing Emails
  • Email Newsletters

Welcome Emails:

Running email marketing requires that you understand the role of welcome emails. A person who receives your email for the first time may not be open to doing business with you, therefore nurturing is key to getting your readers to a stage where they are sales-ready.

Welcome emails generally tend to be opened or clicked on instead of regular emails, especially when they are personalized.

Avoid mentioning products or services in your welcome emails. Your concern at this stage should be leaving the reader with a good impression.

How much ROI your business racks in is a direct result of your understanding on how to make email marketing work – Anonymous

Sponsorship Emails:

Email marketing doesn’t have to be limited to people on your mailing list. Sponsorship emails are a great way to market your products and services to persons, not in your database. They generally cost money, but their specificity helps reach the right audience better.

Dedicated Emails:

Dedicated emails give information and details on a single offer. It provides the readers with relevant information about a product or service and introduces a specific Call To Action.

When used effectively, a dedicated email can help you substantially drive results for a particular CTA (Call To Action)

Digital marketing is a goldmine, but knowing how to make Email marketing work is your greatest marketing advantage – Anonymous

Lead Nurturing Emails:

A lead nurturing email aims to capture the attention of visitors and potential buyers of your product. This type of email is only as effective as its timing and relevance to the reader.

As a result, adequately defining who your buyers are, helps you reach your desired audience and reduces the possibility of your emails being deleted or ignored. Promotional emails are a great example of lead nurturing emails. It has an extensive range of applications, and when properly used, it can give excellent results.

Email Newsletters:

Businesses generally love using email newsletters as part of their email marketing campaigns. They are the perfect tools to keep readers and prospective clients informed on your company’s business activities.

They are also a great marketing tool to nurture your existing customers and keep them informed of company news and events.

Your business cannot reach it’s full marketing potential until you know how to make email marketing work- Anonymous


How to make Email Marketing work for your campaigns

Email marketing Campaign

Running a successful email marketing campaign takes time and effort. Over 200 billion emails circulate daily, so competition for audience attention is high. Consequently, you have to be strategic to get the best out of your campaign and retain your customer interest. Interested in how to make email marketing work for your campaigns and marketing strategies? read more.

Digital marketing opens the door, Email marketing brings the people in, if you don’t know how to make email marketing work, no one walks in- Anonymous

What is an email marketing campaign?

An email marketing campaign refers to a set of emails systematically sent within a definite time frame and for a definite purpose. Each email should have focused content, well defined CTA alongside a spelled-out subject line.

Similar to a lot of digital content, your subject line ought to keep your readers informed as well as intrigued. The focused content should be pertinent to your email marketing campaign and your target audience. Here are vital things to note if you’re confused about how to make email marketing work:

Develop a Focused Mail List

To run a winning email marketing campaign, you have to begin with an email list with quality leads that are already curious about your product or service.

Keep Your Goals Handy

Setting goals is integral to the success of a good email marketing campaign. Your email marketing goals could include: increased brand awareness, increased subscription to your mail list, nurturing existing customers, etc. Regardless of your email marketing target, an effective email marketing campaign can help you achieve it.

Take Note of Email Types

Good knowledge of the various types of emails gives you a good idea of which to deploy for your email marketing campaign. For example, if the goal is increased conversions, you should use fewer newsletters and pay more attention to lead nurturing emails, promotional emails, and the likes. Your plan for your email marketing should determine the type of email used in your campaign.

Know Your Target Base

If you already have an email marketing system running, you’ll likely have an idea who your target audience is. However, if this is your first rodeo, you’ll have to make some informed guesses to help you properly direct your content.

Make Use of Email Marketing Tools

Take advantage of tools that make your email marketing campaign easier. Keep these tools handy to help your email marketing campaign run smoothly and effectively. Check here for a list of devices that could help your email marketing campaign.

For every entrepreneur seeking growth, knowing how to make email marketing work is a must!- Anonymous

Incorporate Catchy Opt-ins

The basis of any successful email marketing campaign is people. So how do you get people on your mail list? One of the critical steps is to make your opt-ins catchy, attractive, and intriguing. Try out different ideas till you get one that works and you’re well on your way.

To get the best out of opt-ins, place them strategically at multiple places across your web page and decide on a non-irritating way for them to appear.

Teach your staff how to make email marketing work, and your business will thank you! – Anonymous.

Schedule Your Emails

After outlining the goal of your email marketing campaign and discovering your target audience, the next step is to begin sending out emails. To do this, you have to draw up a plan detailing; how often you’ll be sending out emails, what format these emails will take, your content idea, and your CTA.

As soon as you have this detailed out, writing out your mails should follow.

Include A Subject Line

Treat your subject line like the movie trailer – give a preview so they know what to expect. – Anonymous

Your subject line is vital if you want your email marketing campaign to be a success. Most times, a subject line could either make people click on your email or delete them altogether. Your subject line is as important as your blog header, so make it catchy enough to capture the reader’s attention.

Prepare the Copy

After the subject line comes the writing of the copy for your campaign. If you want to know how to make email marketing work wonders for your campaign, then take this advice seriously, your copy is key. To get the best out of your documents, keep them brief and punchy.

Give the emails a personalized touch and ensure that they speak to the needs of the reader.

Create Your Email Design

In an email marketing campaign, it is essential to consider the email design. A lot of people have good email marketing content but shabby creative designs.

Word of advice, your creatives give your reader an idea about you and your brand. It informs them whether to take you seriously or not. Therefore, even though you have excellent promotional content, your reader may perceive you as incompetent because you didn’t accompany your email content with a worthy design.

Get Testing and Tracking Results

In summary, your email marketing campaign does not end with the sending of your email. All of these are just the first part of your journey toward running a successful email marketing campaign. Testing and tracking your email marketing success is vital.

To do this, you’ll have to gather data and ask your email service provider for data and analytics to help you know how effective your campaign was and the places to make improvements for future campaigns. If you’re wondering how to make your email marketing campaigns work better the next time, this is an important step to take. 


How to make Email Marketing work on WordPress

Email marketing on WordPress

An excellent way to do email marketing yourself is to get it done on WordPress. WordPress gives you a host of plug-ins for email marketing that will help your email marketing campaigns without stress. Below is a list of 5 of the best email marketing plug-ins on WordPress that’ll help you understand how to make email marketing work for your business.

  • Hubspot
  • Mailchimp
  • MailPoet
  • Omnisend
  • SendinBlue


Hubspot is among the best WordPress email marketing plug-ins. It offers a wide range of features and allows you to send as many as 2000 emails every month while also guaranteeing you access to many of its unique features on the free version.


Mailchimp is the most widely used email marketing plug-in on WordPress. It gives you a guide on how to make email marketing work for your business. Users prefer it because of its ability to customize push notifications and email templates. It ensures that you can have your emails automated and delivered with ease.

Regardless of size, it is compatible with virtually any business model, and when used correctly, it is sure to produce results.

The premium package is accessible for as low as $59 monthly, giving you access to sending over 10,000 emails monthly.


The MailPoet is another excellent email marketing plug-in on WordPress. You can manage email marketing campaigns more efficiently using the plug-in, which comes with automated features. Mailpoet also provides Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) for WordPress, so don’t be surprised if you have access to a couple of WordPress complimentary features.


The Omnisend plug-in allows you to oversee your emails and their effectiveness. The channel includes a mobile and SMS platform alongside its email service for increased productivity and efficiency in marketing campaigns.

Its premium plan is available for as low as $16 every month, while the free version gives you access to a max of 200 emails per day.


SendinBlue is one of the foremost email marketing plug-ins. The platform is suitable for small as well as medium scale enterprises. It covers everything from text messages to full-scale email marketing campaigns. It also has automation software that simplifies the work process and saves time. The Sendinblue plug-in premium plan costs as low as $25 monthly; however, you can send as many as 300 emails daily when on the free version.


Benefits Of Email Marketing

Benefits of Email Marketing

  1. Email marketing is a low-cost venture, unlike standard digital marketing tools.
  2. When you know how to make email marketing work, you are guaranteed access to an already curious audience, giving you a better opportunity to make sales.
  3. It also helps you avoid wastage by properly focusing your marketing.
  4. Email marketing is a great revenue driver for businesses as it has the highest ROI across all digital marketing methods available.
  5. It allows you to measure your successes and productivity, giving you valuable information for your next email marketing campaign.
  6. Understanding how to make email marketing work also helps you market your product and services globally.


Understanding how to make email marketing work for your business ensures you authoritative dominance and brand awareness in the marketplace. It is easy to see why it is the most effective marketing channel that every business can access. Perhaps it’s time for you to make email marketing your top priority.

For professional consultation on how to make email marketing work for your business, click here.

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