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Solving the Top 5 Problems Your Website Might Have

Idris Yusuf

WSI, Frontend Developer

Idris Yusuf

WSI, Frontend Developer

If you got here you undoubtedly realize how crucial having a website for the business is. This time we will have a brief session on the topic “why my website doesn’t …(basically, anything website may potentially not do)“ – sell, create leads, appear on Google, establish loyalty, attract new stakeholders, get a lot of traffic, and so on.

Let’s explore 2 probable scenarios:

  • Website is done properly but requires marketing efforts.
  • Website has problems – how to uncover them? Let’s see the most common:


1. The website is slow. It just takes a long time to load.

Although users may not notice the extra 2-3 seconds, it is critical for Google bots to have the best websites listed on the first page, especially since Google launched the page experience update in May 2021 and while core web vitals are gradually becoming SEO KPIs.

Largest Contentful Paint (LCP)

The time in seconds from when the page first loads to when the largest text block or image element is rendered on the screen.


First Input Delay (FID)

The time in milliseconds between when a user interacts with your site for the first time (i.e. when they click a link, tap a button, or press a key) and when the browser is able to respond to that interaction.


Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS)

The cumulative score of all unexpected layout shifts within the viewport that occur throughout the lifecycle of a page is called Cumulative Layout Shift. Its goal is to assess a page’s “visual stability,” which has a significant impact on the user experience.

It may appear to be dev-related, and you may wonder, “Why do I need to know this?” But believe me when I say that it’s important when it comes to identifying your website’s flaws and selecting the right people to fix it. Frequently, especially when the website is more than 3-5 years old, the web vitals of the website are becomes so bad that it requires a complete rebuild in order to appear in SERP.


2. The design of the website is outdated or unappealing.

Obviously, we all understand that WordArt graphics aren’t the topic of discussion, but even among “professionally designed websites,” there are instances where the design in 2021 looks like an 80’s grocery store commercial (not to be confused with the old-school 80’s trend or even older Bauhaus, which aren’t the same), or you feel uneasy using the website when you enter it, or the text looks like it was designed in the 1980s.

All design flaws eventually lead to the user simply disliking the website, and the likelihood of building loyalty rapidly diminishes. The website design process is the subject of a separate article, but for now, let’s concentrate on the essentials.

When analyzing the design of your website, there are a few things to keep in mind:

Minimalism. It may appear to be a fad, but it has now become the de facto standard for web design. Minimalist practices have become increasingly popular in recent years. It allows the user to find what he’s looking for quickly, it looks great, and it fosters loyalty.

The User’s Perspective. There are two scenarios in which you may remember a website’s user experience: when it’s unbearably bad and when it’s outstandingly good with some added features. Most websites focus solely on providing a positive user experience, so users are unlikely to remember it because it is merely a background feature. But it’s the crucial “background thing,” as it focuses on how users interact with a website and how to make it comfortable for them.

Custom images of high quality. Do you recall the essentials of the web? That’s what has a big impact on it: image format and size. Consider the users. When a user sees low-quality stock photos, how will he feel and what will he think about your company? However, the answer is self-evident…

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3. The website isn’t well-optimized.

We’ve already discussed why SEO is important a few times, and there’s a strong link between this and the first. Here’s where the copywriting comes in. When it comes to ranking high on Google, keywords are one of the most important SEO techniques.

Consider the following:

  • Hero section. The image and/or text that best describes your business should be the hero. Make it as short as possible while still being catchy.
  • Headings. The keywords you want to rank by should be in the heading. On the main page, only use one H1.
  • Keep the main page brief. I don’t want to suggest it should be only a page without scrolling, but try to keep just vital information on the main page.
  • Products and services. Whatever your product or service is, having a business implies that you want to make money. Clearly state what you have to offer your potential customer.


4. Website technology is obsolete.

There are a number of various technologies and techniques programmers utilize to construct a website. One thing you need to remember – the world is dynamic and growth never stops, especially when it comes to technology. Tools developers used 5 years ago may already be too outdated to suit contemporary requirements. But how can you find if your website is developed using tools that are up-to-date? Well, simply think about when the website was built. Month ago? Two? Or few years? If the response is closer to the third choice it’s probably doesn’t match the contemporary web criteria.


5. Bugs.

I won’t be kidding about insects, I’ll simply say that this is an important distinct item that might be included in the fourth point, but I think it’s worth attention as a separate. First of all, because it’s a thing that may come with up-to-date technology. Every technology has its own bugs, it’s a normal thing, but dev’s duty is to eradicate them and offer you the entire product. Next thing is, and it’s really the continuation of the first – bugs are easily notable. Just something went wrong and you don’t know why it impacts you, your business, your users. Unpleasant thing, isn’t it? That is the moment where you should start thinking about doing anything with your website.



Here are the top 5 challenges you may likely come across on your website. Obviously, those are highly complicated issues that involve a lot of information within each other and complexity sometimes is so huge that you may not want to even think about it. Well, we understand you, that’s why we’re here to assist. Book a call with AXON and let’s deal with it!

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