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The Evolution of Content Marketing in 2017

The Evolution of Content Marketing in 2017

Content marketing is evolving to become more custom made for each specific type of consumer. In the past where content was written to appeal to a broad sect of consumers, in today’s world, it’s a lot different.

We’ve put together this post to discuss some of the impactful changes that may appear in the realm of content marketing in 2017.

The Evolution of Content Marketing

More creativity in the format of content

In 2017, content will become more graphical. Content marketing is usually centered around eBook creation, blogging and email marketing.

The Evolution of Content Marketing in 2017

These strategies of reaching your target market still work in 2016 and will work in 2017, but in order for brands to get across to their audience and keep them in check, it’s important for them to create visuals within their content through graphics, presentation and most importantly creativity to ensure your business growth.

And search engines will get to the point of easily analyzing the data on search engines that are across visuals and video. This means more gifs, videos and graphics.

Niche Keywords

Content is definitely changing, as more people are getting involved in blogging, we are beginning to notice an overflooding of content for top keywords.

The Evolution of Content Marketing in 2017

It’s much harder to rank for major keywords than it was ten years ago, and as SEO keeps involving, we are seeing experts who are more focused in ranking for niche keyword.

Ranking will be more long tailed focused, content marketers would rather rank for “how to funnel returning clients through email marketing” than “how to gain customers online”. Dwelling on an over discussed topic doesn’t do much for your SEO, spread your content across various long tail keywords.

Video will come out on top

Marketers agree that videos bring the highest ROI, and we’re doing more of it. According to Syndacast, 74 percent of all traffic will be video in 2017.

Creating videos that portray the brand of your business effectively and help to convert your target audience into proper leads must be communicated through your videos.

Social video platforms like Facebook are riding the tide and optimizing feeds to improve the viewing experience. Having more videos also improves SEO, as Google, which owns YouTube favors them in search results. So get your cameras out and start filming.

More collaborative efforts between traditional and digital marketing

A lot of businesses treat digital marketing like an either/or proposition. When they hear someone doing a talk on social media, they feel they need to give up on traditional marketing.

The Evolution of Content Marketing in 2017

Granted, there are those on both ends of the aisle that act like their solution is the beginning and end of marketing magic.

The truth of the matter is that traditional and digital marketing work together and that one shouldn’t come at the expense of the other to an extent.

If we’re all honest, we will admit that digital marketing is far cheaper to do and therefore delivers a better ROI than traditional.

In HubSpot’s 2012 State of Inbound Marketing, they claim it is 61% less per lead than traditional marketing. So the temptation is to “get rid” of traditional, outbound marketing practices to focus on the digital.

But this is a flawed approach as digital marketing can be enhanced by traditional marketing efforts and vice versa.

Take for instance mobile text/SMS or email marketing where the goal is to gain subscribers. Yes, you could simply solicit subscribers through digital means, but if you already have channels built using traditional means, wouldn’t it make sense to use those channels to increase digital subscribers?

Retention Writing Will Exceed Acquisition Writing

Content marketers write for the thrill of acquiring visitors and prospects to a website, the style of writing is mainly acquisition focused. In 2017, there will be a shift to increasing purchases, engagement and other actions within existing audiences.

The Evolution of Content Marketing in 2017

for example; measuring daily or weekly active users to ensure consistent engagement until conversion. Instead of just bringing new people to your blog posts, you should optimize it so that you engage, subscribe, and keep them coming back.


That’s it, 2017 will experience a steady shift in content marketing towards becoming more creative, more alive, engaging and harder to get results.

Only those who approach it from a smart perspective will experience results.

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