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How Good Design Can Affect Your Digital Campaign

Mofoluke Omole

WSI, Graphic Designer
How Good Design Can Affect Your Digital Campaign

Mofoluke Omole

WSI, Graphic Designer

According to  Interactive Design Foundation, ‘Graphic design is the craft of creating visual content to communicate messages. Applying visual hierarchy and page layout techniques, graphic designers use typography and pictures to meet users’ specific needs and focus on the logic of displaying elements in interactive designs to optimize the user experience.’

The goals of a digital marketing campaign are usually to acquire new leads and customers, to improve a company or brand’s awareness, and to increase revenue. It involves carrying out marketing strategies on the various digital platforms that the company’s customers and target audience engage on.

One of the major tools needed during a campaign is design, as this helps your campaigns pop and reach the right audience and potential. We currently live in a visually-centric world and the human brain processes visuals 60 000 times faster than text, so functional content with visually appealing designs is necessary. It is imperative to also note that 94% of customers have said they will quit visiting a website that has got bad designs, not minding the prestige of the brand, hence, digital marketing and design are now inseparable. 

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The design is more than just how something appears and feels. The design is how it works

Steve Job

How Good Design Can Affect Your Digital Campaign

  1. You create the brand awareness you want
  2. Designs will raise visibility
  3. The creatives will attract potential clients and engagements
  4. They buttress the message

You create the brand awareness you want

How? Marketing a campaign digitally raises the brand’s profile. It promotes them visibly to the audience to attract them to buy their products or services. The creatives you use should communicate your brand or company effectively. Stick to a unique tone of the design. Make your design stand out and easily recognizable- typography, colors, etc. in the sense that when your ads pop anywhere, they are familiar to customers and potential clients.

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Designs will raise visibility

Have you come across designs on your social media walls and you just had to stop to see them? And then you are forced to read what information it says? Now imagine someone or a couple of people randomly sending you screenshots(s) of some nice ad creatives as design references or inspiration, without them knowing that’s your brand. For you to stand out visually with your campaigns, the creatives have to be catchy for you to get the right prospects’ attention and lead them on. *jackpot!* You need to understand the kind of campaign you are doing, as well as your Graphic Designer, for a design tone that resonates with that particular campaign to be set; do you want it to be minimalistic or flashy and loud? You also need to consider the target audience, are they young or old? What perception do you want them to have about it? Think like the viewers/audience, not because it is just aesthetically pleasing to you.

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The creatives will attract potential clients and engagements

Most of the time, people look out for compelling sales copy that will drive engagements, leads, and conversion rates, but forget that viewers’ eyes fall on the compelling designs too when they visit the page or website. So what attracts them? The visuals must have compelling graphics with a call to action that urges and leads to action. What emotions do your design colors, typography, layouts, and images communicate? Good designs function when they attract leads, and engagements, as it is said to evoke positive emotions from the target audience. 

They buttress the message

A good design makes it easier for a copy to be understood because they work together. Good designs help convey the messages visually. It shouldn’t just be about scrolling, as this will tire them out and something needs to be done. Enough of the mundane way of scrolling that tires our fingers out. Have you thought about scrolly-telling; the combination of scrolling and storytelling? You can use interesting sales copy with recognizable narrative elements on the designs, and with this, you will be able to generate interest from the viewers and get them focused on it. With fewer words and more illustrations, animations, and gifs, the internet breaks down geographical barriers, and appealing to a multilingual audience is important.

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Yardsticks to Measure Campaign Designs

The yardsticks to measure your campaign designs are: 

  1. Significance- they have to matter
  2. Coherence- there should be consistency
  3. Connection- they should connect to the viewer
  4. Resonance- should feel right
  5. Purpose- it should lead to the goal.

You do not want to be caught off guard by missing out on marinating your digital campaigns with these points on how good design can affect your digital campaign. WSI’s doors are open for digital marketing consultations. The magic happens here.

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